Interested in volunteering? Great! Keep reading for more information about volunteer opportunities.

If  you have any questions, please contact Courtney Salcedo, ENGLISH @ WORK Program Manager.

Volunteers play an integral role at ENGLISH @ WORK. They are committed to our mission and serve as our advocates in the classroom and the community.

Our vision for the E@W volunteer program is to fully incorporate our volunteers into the fabric of our organization.  We aim to provide our volunteers with the training and skills they need which they can in turn provide directly to our students in the classroom.

 Speed interview at CINTAS with student volunteers from Central College


Here are a few ways you can get involved:

Student Support/Classroom Assistant
Our classroom assistants work the closest with our students. Responsibilities range from helping our teachers model activities, working 1-on-1 with individual or small groups of students with lower level English skills, collecting student data, and more. We ask that all classroom assistants make a six week time commitment (the length of one of our courses), be able to attend one class a week for one to two hours during the six week course sequence, and attend a training with either our volunteer coordinator or one of our instructors.

Fundraiser Assistant
We can’t continue the work we do without our annual fundraisers or the individual donations we receive to help fund our programs. Help us find individual donors, business sponsorships, or organize fundraiser logistics.

Curriculum Assistant
Do you have experience developing curriculum and/or lesson plans? Have you previously taught or are currently a teacher? We need you! ENGLISH @ WORK customizes each course and its curriculum to the business’ needs. Help us customize and brainstorm new lessons and activities.

Office Assistant
We have so much data to keep up with! Office assistants help us keep our administrative costs down so we can focus our efforts and energy on the students and the program.

Graphic Design or Website Assistant
Do you have a love for coding, designing, and creating? Give us your wisdom!

Collect Student Testimonials:
With so many of our students having interesting life stories, we believe it is important to document it and tell their stories. Meet with a selected student and either videotape or audio record an interview (can be conducted in the student’s native language or English depending on the language skills of the student) that will be posted on our website or will be used in other marketing materials.

Speed Interviews:
We’ve adopted the illustrious ‘speed-dating’ format to help our students gain confidence in their conversational English skills. Occasionally, volunteers will drop in on an ENGLISH @ WORK class and spend the hour conducting speed interviews. Just as our classes range in size from 2- 20 students, a group of volunteers of any size can engage in this really fun and beneficial language exercise.

Expand E@W’s Photo database:
Descriptive photos of typical workplace scenarios help our students understand the written word in our coursebooks.  Spend the afternoon with another volunteer or ENGLISH @ WORK staff member taking pictures which correspond to our curriculum.  For example, to reinforce the “avoiding accidents at work” lesson in our Health and Safety coursebook, you may take photos of someone cleaning up a spill and setting up a ‘Wet Floor’ sign in the hallway.  ENGLISH @ WORK will provide the camera and props, but we’re looking for your smiling faces!