ENGLISH @ WORK is a program of the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas, and the only program in Texas focused on bringing customized language lessons to the workplace.


We engage employers and employees in the curriculum development process, creating lessons that are specific to the workplace and to students’ job descriptions.  We teach classes for an hour and a half, two to three times a week over a 24-week period. Our core program includes the following courses:

  • Reducing Errors on the Job,
  • Winning Customer Interactions, and
  • Reducing Workplace Accidents.


Since our 2005 founding, we have served over 800 Central Texan immigrant workers at 30 businesses in the grocery, healthcare, and hospitality industries.  Here is a snapshot of their demographics:

  • 88% are Latino/a
  • 74% are female
  • 82% are supporting at least one child
  • 40% are uninsured and 25% of their children are uninsured
  • 69% have lived in the U.S. for 10 years or more



The 8,000 individuals working service jobs in Central Texas need to know a specific type of English. Limited proficiency puts these workers at a greater risk of:

  • Getting stuck in minimum wage positions, despite their skills and tenure,
  • Being injured on the job,
  • Receiving poor-quality health care,
  • Having children with poor health and education outcomes,
  • Perpetuating the cycle of poverty for their families.



ENGLISH @ WORK’s 2012 Program Evaluation revealed the following student outcomes:

  • Employees at 75% of our partner businesses received promotions
  • These graduates increased their earnings by 150% on average.
  • 72% were more able to help their children with their homework.
  • 52% plan to continue their education, citing ENGLISH @ WORK as inspiration.
  • 19% said ENGLISH @ WORK helped them pursue the path to U.S. Citizenship.